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You Deserve Fair Compensation For A Work Injury

If you were injured at work, regardless of fault, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits. Maryland workers’ compensation laws also provide disability coverage for those who suffer from occupational diseases caused by the nature of their job. At the Baltimore law firm of Engel Law Group, P.C., our attorneys can help you determine if you have a workers’ compensation claim and whether you are entitled to benefits, and then we will help you obtain those benefits.

If you were injured or suffered from a medical condition due to your work environment, call Engel Law Group, P.C. in Baltimore toll free at 877-463-0488 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Obtaining Benefits For Your Work-Related Injury

Following a job injury or medical issue, you may qualify for temporary total disability (TTD) while you are unable to work. Temporary total disability provides two-thirds of your average weekly wage (tax free) and payment of all medical treatments related to the injury for your entire life.

If your injury or occupational disease is permanently disabling, you may be able to claim permanent disability.

At Engel Law Group, P.C., we have represented injured employees from a variety of industries, including many people who were injured while performing industrial work and hard labor. These jobs tend to be extremely physically strenuous and can cause serious back, neck and knee injuries. We also represent office workers and others who may suffer injury from repeated actions, including typing and long periods of sitting or standing.

We represent clients both in filing an initial claim and appealing a denied claim. Contact Engel Law Group, P.C., online or call 877-463-0488 to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly qualified Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyers.