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What does the prosecution need to make a drug possession case?

Could your roommate's drug habit pose a legal threat to you?

Unfortunately, it happens all the time. People share apartments or dorms with friends or strangers to make ends meet -- and the other person brings a drug habit and a small business selling the extra along. When that person gets caught, you wind up in the prosecution's sights as well.

Trust and estate malpractice claims

The aging American population is increasingly turning to family law attorneys to complete important end-of-life documents like their wills or establish trusts and other financial management vehicles for the future. Many of those attorneys are also paid to manage estates and handle conservator duties.

So, what happens when an attorney doesn't do the job the way that he or she should? A mistake can cost the client his or her entire future. His or her heirs can also be left out in the cold, denied what was rightfully theirs.

Many parties may hold liability in a truck accident

Truck accidents are not only potentially very destructive, they may prove difficult to navigate for victims building a personal injury claim, especially when it comes to determining which party or parties hold liability for the accident in the first place. Like all accidents, it may take some time to sift through the evidence and build a strong case that one party or another holds liability, but truck accidents present a number of additional complications that consumer driver accidents generally do not involve.

Should you find yourself building a personal injury claim after a truck accident, it is important to consider all the potential liable parties. In many instances, an experienced attorney is a strong advocate after a truck accident, helping you scrutinize your accident and build a strong claim that properly addresses your medical expenses and other losses while protecting your rights and privileges in the meantime.

5 factors that can lead to a divorce

There are folks out there who believe that marriage is more of a science than an art -- and they say that they can pretty much predict who will end up divorced. While there are always "outliers" in any scientific study, experts who have been studying the statistics on marriage and divorce say that the following factors heavily influence a marriage's longevity:

Your age when you marry

3 ways pharmacists need to protect their licenses

Pharmacists have taken on an increasingly complex role in this nation. Their jobs are no longer limited to simply filling prescriptions. To some extent, they've now become medical providers in their own right just about everywhere.

There not all particularly pleased to be handed an expanded role, however. For many, it means a lot of expanded liabilities -- including the risk of losing their professional license.

Decriminalization doesn't mean that marijuana's legal in Maryland

Some people are under the incorrect impression that marijuana is now legal in Maryland. In fact, marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance in this state. While there have been reforms to the state laws in recent years, the average marijuana user could still face criminal charges in Maryland.

Those changes include a decriminalization effort, as well as a medical marijuana program run through academic medical centers. There are a handful of dispensaries and just over a dozen growers authorized by the states. However, many people who use marijuana could face prosecution for their actions if caught by law enforcement.

Third trial begins in Baltimore over murder of teenage girl

A Baltimore court has begun hearing the case against a 34-year-old man who is accused of murdering a 16-year-old North Carolina girl while she visited relatives.

It's a case that has been fraught with complications from the beginning. This is actually the third time prosecutors have brought the case to trial.

Be careful online when you're on workers' compensation

Are you frustrated with your work injury? How do you feel about the workers' compensation process, with its seemingly-endless requirements and consultative exams?

At this point in most American's lives, taking to Facebook or Twitter to air a grievance is fairly natural. Even if it doesn't do any real good, it doesn't hurt anyone, right?

DWI versus DUI: The reality of the 2 charges

Maryland has two types of drunk driving charges. The first is a DUI. The second is a DWI. A DWI is actually less serious when you look at the descriptions of these charges.

No matter which you're charged with, defending yourself is key to getting away with fewer penalties. Here are some things to know about the differences between DWIs and DUIs.

Would you recognize accounting malpractice when you see it?

Most business professionals hire an accountant because they don't want to handle their own books -- or don't know how.

Because there's a lot of trust involved when you turn your business financials over to someone else, you may not have considered the possibility that your accountant would ever do anything improper with your account.

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