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Some common signs of legal malpractice

Legal malpractice can have devastating consequences for the attorney's client. Most of the time, even if the client was clearly a victim of legal malpractice, there's no second chance at a different outcome in court.

How do you determine when you're the client that your attorney may not be properly handling your case? The inside world of the courthouse can be difficult to follow and confusing, so knowledge is power.

Can I challenge breathalyzer test results?

Even if you plan carefully and intend to obey the law, DUI charges can happen. In some cases, you may receive criminal charges after an officer believes you exceeded the legal limit.

Many individuals who receive DUI charges after failing a breathalyzer test may believe that they should just hold on tight because there is absolutely no way to fight evidence as airtight and compelling as a breathalyzer test.

Take action if you were injured while Black Friday shopping

Frenzied shoppers, packed department store aisles, snarled traffic and overly-tired consumers who are relying on adrenaline and caffeine to pull them through the day are all part of the Black Friday shopping experience.

However, nowhere in anyone's Black Friday expectations does a serious accident happen.

Construction company's owner tried to scam workers' compensation

One of the most ordinary workers' compensation scams doesn't involve workers trying to get something for nothing.

Instead, it's the employer who tries to get away with a common ruse -- they lie about who they employ, how many people they employ and what the people they employ actually do (claiming, for example, that construction workers are office staff).

What type of evidence is admissible in your criminal case?

In order for evidence to be heard in a criminal case it has to be considered admissible.

Unless evidence supports your version of events or tends to make you seem innocent of the accusations, it's always to your advantage to have the evidence declared inadmissible -- so it's essentially your attorney's job to argue against letting it be heard in court.

Maryland divorce laws

A marriage is a marriage, but a divorce -- believe it or not -- may come in different flavors depending on your state. For instance, in Maryland, you might be asked: Do you want an absolute divorce or a limited divorce? So what does all that mean?

What is an absolute divorce? Just as it sounds, absolute means the marriage is completely dissolved and final. Parties are free to move on and remarry if they so desire.

Be alert to signs of accounting fraud

If you have a significant amount of assets or run a small business, you probably have an accountant.

Whether that accountant is an individual working out of a home office or a member of a group -- the moment you put your money in someone else's hands to manage, you're at risk of being defrauded.

Medical mistakes among top three causes of death in the U.S.

Over the course of the last century, the medical field has made leaps and bounds when it comes to treatment, technological advances and all-around patient care. Even with these advances, medical error is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. Heart disease and cancer take the top two places, respectively.

A recent study estimates that approximately 10 percent of deaths across the country are due to improper patient care, medical mistakes and malpractice. Researchers believe the reason for this high rate is that there is not a system in place to track and study medical errors and formulate sufficient protections to guard against future incidents.

Surprise witness tanks defendant's case

How much damage did an 11th-hour witness for the prosecution do to the defense of a Maryland man on trial for murder?

According to his attorney, it devastated his case. Additionally, the defendant's attorney has raised some serious questions:

  • The reliability of the witness is in question because he's a jailhouse informant.
  • The witness testified in a bid to get additional time taken off his own sentence for a gangland murder.
  • The state held back information about how serious a criminal background the informant actually had, which could have affected his credibility in front of the jury.
  • The defense attorney alleges that she was not given enough time to investigate the witness' background.
  • The attorney also had no time to interview the witness prior to his testimony -- she had to prepare her cross-examination while he gave his direct testimony to the prosecution.
  • The prosecution alleged that the jailhouse informant provided information he could have only learned from the guilty party -- but that information had been printed in early news reports about the crime.

Understanding Maryland's two types of divorce

In the state of Maryland, there are two different types of divorce: A limited divorce, and an absolute divorce. A limited divorce and an absolute divorce may sound similar, but they have many important distinctions. Deciding which one is applicable to your circumstances is an important step to take in your divorce proceedings.

Here are the important differences between limited divorce and absolute divorce:

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