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Recognizing psychiatric malpractice

When is a bad outcome with a psychiatric patient unavoidable and when is it a sign of malpractice on the part of the mental health professional who was treating the patient?

Mental health professionals have a legal and ethical obligation to act when a patient is either suicidal or threatening harm to others. Psychiatric patients may tell their therapist or psychiatrist their plans as a cry for help. When those cries for help go unheeded, people suffer. Here are some of the most common reasons for mental health malpractice claims:

Aggressive online communication can cause legal issues

The internet age has revolutionized the way that companies do business and the way that people interact with one another. Social media has made it incredibly easy to connect with people all over the world with the click of a button. You can remain in contact with old friends and extended family members, no matter how far away from you they actually live.

Unfortunately, while online communication has made it easier to maintain long-distance friendships and relationships, it has also made it easier for people to harass or stalk one another. The fact that you don't have to make eye contact with someone when communicating online may make it easier for you to say something that could cause you legal issues in the future.

Workers' compensation fraud investigation tactics

There's no question that workers' compensation fraud is a problem. It costs more than $7 billion a year.

However, much of that fraud is on the part of various business owners who try to avoid their responsibilities -- not the victims of work accidents and injuries. Despite that fact, it's easier for an insurance company to send an investigator after an injured worker to look for fraud than it is to catch dishonest employers in the act.

When should you sue your investment adviser?

If money ends up missing from your investment accounts, you know that there's obvious wrongdoing and you need to take legal action. However, what happens when your investment adviser makes some serious mistakes that cost you a fortune? Can you sue, or are you simply the victim of bad luck and a volatile market?

When an adviser makes mistakes, it's hard for a layperson to tell the difference between professional negligence and poor decisions. Here is some important information you can use to determine that.

Use these boating safety tips to stay safe this summer

People go boating in the summer for one reason: to have a good time. Whether you're fishing, sailing, or just floating along, nothing will ruin that good time faster than an accident on the water.

If you want to stay safe -- and keep your passengers safe -- follow these safety tips:

Should you sue your therapist for malpractice?

Psychiatry isn't an exact science. Variable outcomes can occur even with the best treatment. Therefore, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a psychologist that just fails to help a patient and one that's guilty of malpractice.

Because psychiatric patients are vulnerable and therapists hold immense power in their lives, it's important to understand that the responsibility for ethical behavior always falls squarely on the therapist.

Information about holding a drunk driver liable after an accident

It's not only unlawful to get behind the wheel of an automobile while drunk, but it's also immoral. Every year, this irresponsible action causes deaths and catastrophic injuries in Maryland and the rest of the United States.

If there's one thing that every driver could do to drastically reduce the number of car accidents, it would be to refrain from driving after consuming any quantity of alcohol. Those injured by drunk drivers have — at the very least — the right to pursue financial compensation from these irresponsible motorists.

Synthetic drug conspiracy case comes to a close

The recent sentencing of a 57-year-old resident of Missouri to federal prison brought to close a long-running drug conspiracy case that involved multiple states and 30 different defendants.

The defendant in the final case was the leader of the drug operation, which supplied synthetic drugs to stores all over the country. Synthetic drugs, known sometimes as bath salts or herbal incense, have properties that are very similar to their banned counterparts.

Preventing repetitive strain injuries at work

Could your keyboard be the biggest danger to your health at work?

When most people think about workplace dangers, they probably think about factory accidents, falling objects and slips on wet floors. However, any ongoing, repetitive actions -- including the gentle tapping you do at your keyboard in the office -- can cause lasting damage to your body in the form of repetitive strain injuries.

When you wonder if your attorney failed you

Lawyers don't all come with the same set of skills and some of them make mistakes that end up harming their clients.

At times, those mistakes can amount to actual malpractice -- at which point clients have a right to sue their attorney over the bad outcome of a case. These types of claims are sometimes called a "case within a case," because the real question is, "Could my outcome have been any different if my attorney had done his or her job better?"

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