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Baltimore Personal Injury Law Blog

Baltimore goes to war against drug-related crimes

The city of Baltimore is waging a war on drug crimes. In fact, officials are putting another 230 police officers on the streets to stem the tide of drug violence that has recently troubled the city.

According to city officials, there are a number of different illegal drugs for sale throughout the city -- and dealers are getting aggressive about their territories. There have been several incidents of violence in the city that officials attribute to drug trafficking.

Why DNA evidence isn't as reliable as most people believe

Thanks to numerous television shows, from CSI to Law and Order, more people than ever are familiar with the concept of DNA evidence.

Television shows make the process of matching someone's genetic markers with evidence left on the scene in the form of body fluids and skin cells seem precise and clear. Maybe that's why people tend to believe that DNA evidence is infallible.

Why vehicle speed is so dangerous for pedestrians

Speeding is dangerous in any setting, increasing the odds of a car accident and the likelihood of serious injuries in that crash. However, it is especially dangerous for pedestrians.

The issue is that pedestrians, with no protection at all, can get seriously injured in even minor crashes. This means almost any impact is potentially deadly, even if it would have resulted in no injuries if it happened between two cars.

How to gather evidence against a distracted driver

Distracted driving is an increasingly serious concern for everyone on the road. With more people becoming addicted to their phones and the constant communication they allow, the rate of people using phones while driving is increasing.

It is very hard to accurately track this behavior, since many people won't admit to texting and driving. However, studies show that an alarming number of people are using cellphones while in control of motor vehicles.

The perils of unreported income for injured American workers

Is there any real harm if an employee works "under the table" for cash? Why should they report income that nobody else is tracking?

Aside from the fact that you're legally required to report all your income for tax purposes, unreported income puts you at a disadvantage if you ever get injured on the job and need to obtain workers' compensation benefits.

Do pretrial services offer Maryland defendants any benefits?

Maryland, like many other states, is struggling to manage the growing backlog of criminal cases on its docket, especially those related to drug crimes.

All too often, poor defendants end up staying in jail for a long period of time while they wait on a trial date for no better reason than they cannot afford bail. Pretrial services were developed as an alternative to traditional bail. The goal is the better management of defendants' needs while still adequately assuring the court that defendants will return for trial.

A conflict of interests could be evidence of legal malpractice

People choose to hire attorneys for a ride range of reasons. Whether the intention behind hiring an attorney relates to a potential divorce or the formation of a business, clients of attorneys place a lot of trust in the legal knowledge of the lawyers they work with.

In the vast majority of cases, an attorney will do their best to promote the interests of their clients and live up to their duty to the people who hire them. Unfortunately, in any field of work, there are typically a few bad apples who are more than happy to spoil things.

How does workers' compensation view a pre-existing condition?

Workers' compensation insurance companies dread a claim that involves a pre-existing condition.

Why? Because they don't want to pay for it. Insurance company adjusters are encouraged to split hairs between the terms "exacerbation" and "aggravation" when a pre-existing or age-related condition is involved in a workers' comp claim in order to deny it.

Maryland woman's trial due to drug overdose death delayed

A Maryland case involving a woman who has been charged with murder in the overdose death of an acquaintance has been delayed.

In part, the delay comes due to the fact that there's a relevant case pending appeal. Prosecutors say that there are so few cases involving this situation that they want to wait until the final outcome of the other case is known.

Defending against an accusation of theft

If you have been accused of theft in the state of Maryland, it is likely that you will want to contest the accusation and adequately defend yourself. In order to do that, you should make sure that you understand the way that the law works when it comes to shoplifting and that you are aware of your rights in the situation.

Shoplifting is a specific type of theft, and typically the most common form of theft in the United States. In general, the crime of shoplifting is very specific, and by challenging some of the elements of the crime, it is possible to create an adequate defense.

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