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Don't allow legal malpractice to go unchallenged

The majority of attorneys are responsible and ethical -- it's not only part of their training but something that the American Bar Association demands. The Bar looks pretty hard at the character of each applicant for a license to practice law before granting one.

However, sometimes an attorney will make a major mistake or develop a flaw in his or her character after a few years in practice. When clients suffer as a result, that may be legal malpractice.

Baltimore police leader pleads guilty to racketeering

Recently, the leader of Baltimore's Gun Trace Task Force pleaded guilty to charges of corruption, including racketeering. In addition, he admitted to stealing dirt-bikes and reselling prescription drugs that were stolen during the 2015 riots.

The former police sergeant confessed that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and drugs and worked with a partner to resell marijuana and cocaine.

Personal injuries change lives immediately

The last thing you expected to happen was to walk out your door and come back home later with a severe injury. For most who suffer injuries, it's a shock and something they never expected.

Personal injuries don't just affect how you feel about yourself. They impact how you interact with others and how you make a living. They may limit your ability to grow in your career or limit where you can go or whom you can see.

Construction company defrauds workers' compensation insurer

It's one of the favorite scams unethical companies use to reduce costs, make more money and gamble needlessly with the lives of workers -- and a Florida construction company owner just got caught doing it.

The scam works like this: The construction company owner needs to provide the state and clients proof that he or she has insurance coverage in case an employee is injured. However, insurance is costly when you're asking your employees to do dangerous things, like climb scaffolding, break down walls or use dangerous tools, like nail guns and wielders.

Why could your workers' compensation claim be denied?

Workers' compensation is supposed to make it easier for the American workforce. The system is designed to be a no-hassle alternative to time-consuming and costly court fights. That often leads injured workers to believe that all they have to do is file their claim in order for their employer's insurer to kick into gear and start taking care of their medical bills and lost wages.

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. Slightly more than half of all Part B claims, which cover medical care and lost wages for injured workers, get denied in Maryland alone.

3 things you should understand about Miranda warnings

Everyone even remotely familiar with the American legal system knows that the police have to give suspects in a crime notice -- before they are interrogated -- that whatever they say can be used against them in court. They are also required to remind suspects that they have a right against self-incrimination and the legal right to have an attorney even if they can't afford private counsel.

These are called the "Miranda" rights after the famous Supreme Court case with that name back in 1966. That case made sweeping changes to the way that police handled their everyday encounters with suspected criminals.

Some common signs of legal malpractice

Legal malpractice can have devastating consequences for the attorney's client. Most of the time, even if the client was clearly a victim of legal malpractice, there's no second chance at a different outcome in court.

How do you determine when you're the client that your attorney may not be properly handling your case? The inside world of the courthouse can be difficult to follow and confusing, so knowledge is power.

Can I challenge breathalyzer test results?

Even if you plan carefully and intend to obey the law, DUI charges can happen. In some cases, you may receive criminal charges after an officer believes you exceeded the legal limit.

Many individuals who receive DUI charges after failing a breathalyzer test may believe that they should just hold on tight because there is absolutely no way to fight evidence as airtight and compelling as a breathalyzer test.

Take action if you were injured while Black Friday shopping

Frenzied shoppers, packed department store aisles, snarled traffic and overly-tired consumers who are relying on adrenaline and caffeine to pull them through the day are all part of the Black Friday shopping experience.

However, nowhere in anyone's Black Friday expectations does a serious accident happen.

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