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August 2013 Archives

Family blames Frostburg State coaching staff for son's death

Sports are important to many people in Maryland. However, the majority of college athletes don’t become professional athletes. For this reason, it is important for them to do well in school and to protect themselves from brain injury.

Maryland woman files slip-and-fall lawsuit against airport

One of the problems with a wet floor is that the water is both slippery and very hard to see. Many people suffer injuries when they unexpectedly slide through a puddle on a smooth floor and fall to the ground. Indeed, it is up to a property owner to inspect floors to make sure that no water has spilled, to wipe up wet areas immediately, and to mark recently cleaned floors with a large and obvious sign warning guests to step carefully. Visitors to a commercial business can be hurt in a slip-and-fall accident when owners do not take these critical steps.

Woman pleads guilty after fatal car crash

Drinking and driving is a terrible combination that can ruin the lives of many people. While some motorists may think that having a few drinks and getting behind the wheel is no big deal, the truth is that people who do not take this danger seriously are accepting an enormous risk. It takes just one moment to miss an important traffic signal or lose control of a vehicle. When reflexes are slowed by alcohol, such a mistake can cause a lethal car accident.   

Medical malpractice lawsuits less common for primary care

People who feel ill commonly pick up the phone and make an appointment with their primary care physician, internal medicine practitioner or family practice doctor. These specialties attract doctors who are somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades. It is their job to make an initial diagnosis, prescribe medicine for common illnesses, and make referrals to specialists. Patients often feel close to their family physician and trust him or her to correctly determine the source of any medical problems. However, according to a physician at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, every year at least 150,000 people in the United States suffer harm from medical errors due to their doctor’s missed or incorrect diagnosis.

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