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Family blames Frostburg State coaching staff for son's death

Sports are important to many people in Maryland. However, the majority of college athletes don’t become professional athletes. For this reason, it is important for them to do well in school and to protect themselves from brain injury.

Although most college sports teams are subject to player safety regulations, some coaches choose to ignore the dangers of repeated high-impact contact. As a result, the NCAA is facing a handful of lawsuits from families of student-athletes who have been killed or seriously injured. One family of a deceased Frostburg State University football player has filed wrongful death lawsuits against head coach Tom Rogish, the NCAA, and others who might have been involved in the athlete’s death.

The football player’s parents and sister allege that a head injury during practice caused his death. According to the family, if coaches had paid more attention to the athlete’s injury, his death would like have been prevented. The coaching staff at Frostburg apparently refused to allow the athlete to stop practicing, even when blows to the head had caused him to bleed. Cases like these may prompt colleges and universities to review their policies for handling injuries. Frostburg officials have not commented on the case.

Parents of student athletes are often concerned about the quality of care that their children will receive in the event of an injury. It may be helpful for parents to learn more about the team’s safety policies before it’s too late. People who have lost a loved one may be entitled to receive compensation through a wrongful death claim. In these circumstances, they may want to seek the help of an attorney.

Source: Washington Times, “Death of Frostburg State player Derek Sheely due to ‘egregious misconduct,’ lawsuit says,” Nathan Fenno, August 22, 2013