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June 2013 Archives

Mother granted new medical malpractice trial

When new parents believe their baby was harmed at birth by improper medical care, they may be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible doctor or hospital. In appropriate situations, the legal system can provide a way to obtain money to pay for past and future medical care, as well as other expenses related to the birth injury. Medical malpractice lawsuits are not quick, and it can take months or even years before a judge's order is obtained. However, the justice system in Maryland and throughout the country is meant to be fair. Every litigant gets his or her day in court to tell the story of what happened in front of an impartial judge or jury.

Future uncertain for man in accident in high school pool

When a parent sends their child to any type of school in Maryland, they place their trust in the teachers and administrators who help to teach their children. There may be certain activities on school grounds that students are involved in that require a parent to be informed and to give their consent for their child to be involved. If a tragic accident occurs, the owner of the property may be held responsible if the proper documentation was not received before the student participated in the event, and a premises liability lawsuit may be on the horizon.

Maryland construction worker injured by falling paint bucket

Construction workers who repair bridges perform a great service for motorists who must travel over waterways. Bridges require constant maintenance due to weather damage and harm from minerals, ice, and other natural causes. People who repair bridges may have to climb to great heights or dangle precariously on the sides of the bridges to do the work. Sometimes workers stand on platforms built under or next to a bridge in order to reach the surfaces that must be painted or fixed. The dangerous nature of the job can result in a work related injury.

Elderly often victims of nursing home injuries

Elderly people who claim of nursing home injuries may not always be taken seriously. Their complaints may be dismissed as dementia or paranoia. Relatives might dislike visiting older folks in assisted living or nursing homes, and visits to the facility may be few and far between. Moreover, cost can be a factor; families may not have many options for care in their price range, and they might hope for the best without looking too closely at the facility. For these reasons, elderly patients often suffer abuse, neglect, and medical errors that not detected.

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