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Maryland construction worker injured by falling paint bucket

Construction workers who repair bridges perform a great service for motorists who must travel over waterways. Bridges require constant maintenance due to weather damage and harm from minerals, ice, and other natural causes. People who repair bridges may have to climb to great heights or dangle precariously on the sides of the bridges to do the work. Sometimes workers stand on platforms built under or next to a bridge in order to reach the surfaces that must be painted or fixed. The dangerous nature of the job can result in a work related injury.

Authorities are investigating a workplace injury accident that took place on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland. A 51-year old man was seriously injured when he was performing maintenance tasks on the bridge. He was stationed on a platform, built approximately 15 feet under the bridge, when a five-gallon paint bucket smacked into him. The force of the impact required a rescue operation where the man was lifted from the platform in a basket. Emergency personnel were then able to transport the victim to an area medical center to treat his wounds.

It is likely that the construction worker will incur medical expenses, lost wages, and temporary or permanent disabilities from the accident. It may be helpful for people in this situation to review any accident report and medical files with a personal injury attorney. Legal counsel can explain the best way to obtain workers’ compensation benefits as well as any other appropriate claims that may apply under the circumstances.

Source: WTOP, “Construction worker injured on Bay Bridge,” June 4, 2013