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Hazards of heat exhaustion and heat stroke for Baltimore workers

The summer months are some that come with considerable dangers for outdoor workers. One of these is the risk of heat-related illnesses that can lead to severe health issues. 

Employees must ensure they’re paying attention to the signs their body shows them when they’re working in the heat. Employers must ensure they provide workers with the tools they need and the ability to get out of the heat when necessary. 

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke symptoms

Heat exhaustion can lead to a variety of symptoms, including headache, dizziness, nausea and irritability. The worker will likely sweat heavily and may be very thirsty. 

Heat stroke symptoms are a bit more serious. The person may lose consciousness or become extremely confused. They may have seizures. It’s possible for the person to either have profuse sweating or a complete lack of sweating. This condition can be fatal if the person isn’t cooled off. 

Treating these conditions

A person with any symptoms of either of these conditions should be brought to a cool area, ideally in the air conditioning, if possible. Wetting their clothing with cool water or using cold compresses can be beneficial. 

Both heat exhaustion and heat stroke require emergency medical attention. While it’s typically safe to bring someone with heat exhaustion to urgent care or a hospital, heat stroke requires a call to 911. 

Workers’ compensation coverage should cover your medical expenses. Some workers might not be able to return to work quickly so they may require other benefits from workers’ compensation. Working with someone familiar with these matters is critical to ensure these workers get all the benefits they’re due.