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Workers' compensation death benefits possible following crash

Near the middle of May, an employee for Maryland’s Highway Services Department was killed while working. This individual’s surviving family members are, undoubtedly, going to have questions that need answers. More than likely, they will also need financial relief for the multiple losses this type of accident typically creates. For those who have lost loved ones due to work-related accidents, it may be possible to obtain workers’ compensation death benefits, which can certainly help in moving forward from such tragic losses.

The Maryland Transportation Authority confirmed that an employee was killed in an accident while working on the Intercounty Connector. According to a spokesman, the employee was driving a dump truck at the time of the crash. It was said that, for reasons unknown, this individual veered across several lanes of traffic before his vehicle finally came to rest after rolling over in the median.

One other vehicle was involved in the incident. The driver of a sedan suffered minor injuries and was transported to a hospital for treatment. At this time, this crash is still being investigated by state authorities.

As is common with work-related accidents, various aspects of this crash will need to be investigated, including all probable causes and equipment safety. Even though the level of investigation required for this type of incident can take time, the victim’s family may be entitled to promptly request workers’ compensation death benefits to help cover their financial losses. While pursuing these benefits — and other legal claims if appropriate — is not always easy, assistance is available to Maryland residents who are seeking full and fair compensation.

Source:, “Crash first fatality on ICC since November 2011 opening“, Dave Dildine, May 13, 2015