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Different types of workers’ compensation benefits are available

Just as work-related injuries and illnesses vary in their type and severity, the care needed for recovery also varies. In order to adequately care for an injury or illness suffered on-the-job, different types of workers’ compensation benefits are available. Maryland residents who have been injured, or who have suffered a work-related illness, need to know what the differences are in these benefits and how an attorney can help ensure proper payment.

Workers’ compensation benefits often cover medical and rehabilitation needs to a certain extent. What some individuals may not realize is disability benefits may also be available. There are several different types of disability benefits that can be applied for depending on a person’s specific needs. The different types of disability benefits are:

  • Temporary total disability benefits
  • Temporary partial disability benefits
  • Permanent total disability benefits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits

Each of these benefit types cover varying levels of care, as well as wage and benefit compensation. To learn more about each of these disability benefits, please visit our Types of Workers’ Compensation webpage. Legal assistance is available to make sure you apply for and receive all available forms of workers’ compensation benefits that fit your specific situation.

While most employers are legally required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage, many will only try to offer the bare minimum. Unfortunately, this means numerous employees are left fending for themselves. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Maryland can help you fight for proper coverage and maximum compensation, which would allow you to focus on rehabilitation and recovery instead of worrying about finances.