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Does my injury qualify for workers’ compensation benefits?

Most employers across the United States, including those in Maryland, are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance can help protect the company, and will continue to provide employees with benefits and financial support if they are injured or become ill while on-the-job. Workers’ compensation benefits are certainly a valuable asset, but there may be questions as to what type of injuries actually qualify.

To qualify as a work-related injury, the injury must somehow be connected to a condition related to employment. This covers a wide scope of possible incidents, which can include developing lung diseases due to air quality in the workplace, falling and breaking bones while on a job site or even emotional issues due to work-related stress. Preexisting medical conditions that are aggravated or made worse due to job-related functions may also be covered.

Injuries do not have to occur in the workplace to qualify. Injuries suffered away from the primary employment location may be subject to workers’ compensation claims if the injury occurred while tending to company business. These types of incidents may include, but are certainly not limited to getting into an accident while going to meet a client or getting hurt while attending work-related social functions. There are simply too many possible scenarios to be able to list them all.

For some types of employment, workers’ compensation benefits are not provided. These positions can include those held by domestic workers, agricultural workers and seasonal workers, among others. Employees in Maryland who are unsure if their injury qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits or who feel they have been denied adequate compensation do not have to face the situation on their own. Assistance is available to help injured employees get back on their feet both physically and financially.

Source: FindLaw, “What Types of Injuries are Compensable Under Workers’ Compensation?“, , Aug. 25, 2015

Source: FindLaw, “What Types of Injuries are Compensable Under Workers’ Compensation?“, , Aug. 25, 2015