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Construction site accident in Maryland leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

Working on a construction site in Baltimore can be a dangerous job. Employers on construction sites have a duty to their employees to ensure that their safety is a top priority and that any dangerous conditions are minimized. When they don’t, serious injuries and even death can occur.

This was the case in a construction site accident that occurred recently in Bethesda, Maryland. Workers were building a parking garage next to the food court of the Westfield Montgomery Mall when one of the safety towers began to fall. In an attempt to get rid of the beam, workers used a jacking tower. The tower was apparently extended beyond what it was meant to be extended without proper bracing techniques. This caused the jack to not work properly and as a result, a concrete slab fell.

Two workers were caught under the concrete. One, a 57-year-old was killed; the other sustained injuries that were serious in nature.

Because this incident happened on the job, the worker who was injured may be entitled to workers’ compensation for his injuries. He may wish to speak with an attorney to discuss his rights and make sure he is properly compensated for his medical bills and lost wages and time off work.

The family members of the worker killed may also wish to talk to an attorney as they may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. Doing so may ensure that they are properly compensated for their loved one’s death and the related funeral costs.

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