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January 2013 Archives

Surgical 'never events' occurring 4,000 times annually, says study

We've all heard the horror stories: someone goes in for a simple surgery only to discover upon waking that they are missing a limb. Generally, people across the nation, including here in Maryland, assume that medical mistakes like this happen more often in movies than they do in real life. But a recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore suggests that these mistakes could be happening more than we think.

NFL being sued by family for wrongful death of Junior Seau

As Baltimore prepares for the Super Bowl and its commercials to descend upon America and the World, the Ravens' huge hits and unbelievable catches will be glorified and watched over and over in anticipation to the big game. Kids will be out in the backyards having their own version of the matchup in what some often term their "snow bowls" out in the freezing winter weather.

Rising EHR-related errors, but few patient injuries

With the relatively new push for electronic health records (EHR) by the HHS some hospitals are seeing complications arise from technology errors while making the transition from paper. The Affordable Care Act is also adding additional pressure to make this transition seamless and mainstream. The ultimate hope is that lost records and a lack of hospital sharing of records will someday no longer exist.

Boating accidents, even small ones, can affect many

Baltimore ferries and water taxis service many in the area, commuting them back and forth on the harbor as well as to and from Cape Clear Island. The water taxis themselves provide a unique and widely used commuter service for those who travel across the harbor for work.

Drowsy driving means lousy driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has just come out with a new report warning against drowsy driving. The report states that 2.5% of all fatal motor vehicle crashes and 2% of all nonfatal motor vehicle injuries are a result of drowsy driving.

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