Health Care Fraud Involving Medicare And Medicaid

Medical codes can be complex. Even well-intentioned medical facilities may make mistakes regarding billing. In some cases, however, the intentions are not benign, and the medical facility or clinic is attempting to defraud Medicaid or Medicare.

Health care fraud is a significant problem. That is why U.S. authorities are attempting to eliminate Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud in the health care system. Part of that effort involves qui tam lawsuits, which are whistleblower claims that may result in the government recovering money of which it was previously defrauded.

Under whistleblower protections, employees, investors, directors and other individuals with knowledge of health care fraud perpetrated against the government may be able to recover under the False Claims Act, by bringing a whistleblower claim on behalf of the U.S. government.

Do You Have Knowledge Of Fraudulent Activity Regarding Your Health Care Employer?

Under the law, employees who report suspected fraudulent activity to the U.S. government have several legal protections. This includes protection from retaliation by your employer, meaning you cannot be terminated or have other adverse action taken against you if you report suspected fraud.

In addition, if you provide information that leads to an investigation and subsequent recovery, then you may be able to receive an award of up to 33 percent of the total amount recovered in the lawsuit.

Actions that could be considered fraudulent, and for which the U.S. will offer a reward in a qui tam lawsuit, include:

  • Billing for unnecessary procedures
  • Inaccurate billing
  • Failure to comply with federal regulations regarding medical equipment sales and purchases
  • Violating anti-kickback laws

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