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Injury Misconceptions

Baltimore, Maryland, Personal Injury Lawsuit

The complexity of personal injury lawsuits makes it easy to see how people can develop misconceptions. The Baltimore personal injury law firm of Engel Law Group, P.C. works diligently to inform clients of the elements of personal injury claims. We provide comprehensive legal representation to clients in Baltimore, Ellicott City and Columbia, Maryland, and in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Maryland Personal Injury Lawsuits — Common Misconceptions

  • Lawsuits are frivolous. No. Many people believe that accident victims who file personal injury lawsuits in Maryland are only after a quick buck. In reality, the injuries and damages sustained in accidents are very costly, and most people seek compensation to protect themselves and their families.
  • My auto insurance covers all of my medical costs from an accident. No. Often, even full coverage auto insurance does not cover all of your expenses from an accident. For example, you may not receive compensation for some of your medical expenses, lost wages or rental car.
  • I am guaranteed compensation. No. Retaining an attorney and filing an injury lawsuit in Baltimore does not guarantee a settlement. Personal injury cases are judged on their merit. A good attorney is candid with you about the likelihood of your lawsuit’s success. If success is unlikely, quality law firms do not take the case.
  • Personal injury lawsuits involve long court battles. No. Although personal injury lawsuits in Baltimore do sometimes go to trial, most cases are settled through negotiations with insurance companies and other responsible parties. Many cases can be brought to a successful resolution without court proceedings.
  • Settlement is required before receiving medical treatment. No. The personal injury law provides for timely and appropriate treatment for your injuries. Even if you plan a future injury lawsuit in Maryland, you are not required to delay medical treatment. In fact, your medical records and expenses are evidence in your lawsuit.
  • My case can be settled without an attorney. No one is required to retain a personal injury attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit in Baltimore. However, consulting an experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine what compensation you are entitled to receive and protect your rights through the process. Personal injury laws and the legal process for filing are complex and have specific requirements — and having an experienced attorney can ensure the process goes smoothly and properly.

Legal Assistance In Baltimore Personal Injury Lawsuits

Contact Engel Law Group, P.C. online today and schedule a free consultation. We work hard to help you receive the settlement you deserve for your injuries. Call our office in Baltimore at 410-449-2928 or toll free at 877-463-0488.