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Baltimore Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bicyclists must endure significant risks in navigating the roads of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The possibility for injury is literally around every corner. Whether cycling is a pastime or passion, dangers exist both within and outside of a designated bike lane. To say that they need to keep their guard up would be an understatement.

Add to that the September 2010 report from Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report that ranked Baltimore drivers 192nd out of the nation’s 200 largest cities. Simply stated, Baltimore motorists are ranked among the worst drivers in the country with the average driver involved in a motor vehicle accident every five years. Bicyclists are literally putting their lives on the line.

Baltimore Bike Accident Lawyers Providing Dedicated And Diligent Representation

Bike lanes that are meant to provide safe passage for cyclists are actually dangerous areas. However, motor vehicle operators who share the roads must be aware of their surroundings. Tragically, far too many bicycle accidents are caused by a rider simply not being seen by drivers pulling into parking spaces, opening their doors or exiting from an alley or side street.

Since 1950, the attorneys at Engel Law Group, P.C. have represented Maryland residents suffering serious injuries or grieving the death of a loved one in motor vehicle accidents. We aggressively pursue compensation, meaning that all cases are prepared for trial. Even if we are able to settle your claim, we remain well-prepared for litigating in court.

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