Misdiagnosis/Failure To Diagnose

Effective medical treatments require an accurate diagnosis. This is particularly true of cancer and other progressive and life-threatening medical conditions. The importance of an early and accurate diagnosis is hard to overstate.

Doctors have a legal duty to care for patients according to accepted medical standards. Failing to adhere to those standards can result in legal liability. This is true in all medical malpractice cases, including in cases where a doctor should have correctly diagnosed a condition but failed to do so.

The attorneys at Engel Law Group P.C. have helped patients who have been incorrectly diagnosed regarding:

  • Cancer
  • Brain tumors
  • Heart conditions, including a heart attack, stroke and aortic dissection
  • Diabetes

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What You Must Show In A Lawsuit Alleging A Failure To Diagnose

To be successful in a medical negligence case regarding the failure to diagnose, you must show that your doctor was negligent, for example by failing to follow-up with questions regarding symptoms or failing to order lab tests. In addition, you must show that if your doctor had diagnosed you correctly, you would not have suffered the harm you did.

This means failure to diagnose cases can be quite complex. For example, defendants in a failure to diagnose case often argue that the plaintiff (the injured patient) would not be significantly better even with earlier, accurate diagnosis. Defendants also often alleged that the mistake made by the doctor was reasonable, not negligent.

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