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Federal And State Drug Distribution Defense

Police and prosecutors are continually targeting people suspected of illegally distributing drugs. In Maryland, those suspected of selling street drugs and controlled substances illegally are usually charged with drug trafficking or drug importation. Under Maryland law, drug importation charges involve bringing controlled substances into the state without authorization.

Drug distribution crimes carry severe penalties. Those accused of such crimes may be facing federal and state charges. Under federal law, many drug charges carry mandatory minimum sentences. That means if you are convicted of a federal drug offense, you could be facing significant time incarcerated.

You can be charged with possession with intent to distribute and other drug trafficking charges if:

  • You have a certain quantity of drugs, enough that the law assumes you are attempting to sell
  • Possessing drugs that are packaged in a particular manner
  • Possessing of common items that drug dealers use in the course of doing business can all lead to unfounded charges for intent to distribute

If you are facing charges for drug distribution, trafficking or any other offense, it is critical that you seek the advice of a reliable Maryland drug distribution defense attorney. The Baltimore-based law firm of Engel Law Group, P.C. provides skillful defense representation to clients throughout Maryland

We Will Fight To Protect Your Rights

In too many cases, law enforcement officials will make definitive conclusions based on circumstantial evidence. No matter how convinced they are that a person is involved in criminal activity, they have no cause to make an arrest without solid evidence. We hold law enforcement and the prosecution accountable to the law and pursue every available option in an effort to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected.

Our lawyers work closely with every client to gain a clear understanding of the events leading up to and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. We analyze all evidences associated with your case and use it to build the strongest possible defense on your behalf. If there is a way to beat the charges against you, we will find it.

Contact Our Defense Lawyers Regarding Your Distribution Or Trafficking Charge

We have successfully represented clients in cases involving distribution or trafficking of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and many other illegal substances. Contact one of our offices to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney. You can reach us in the Baltimore area by calling 410-449-2928 or toll free from anywhere in the United States at 877-463-0488. You can also contact us via email.