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3 dangerous driving behaviors

Drivers should only get behind the wheel if they’re mentally and physically able to handle the responsibility that comes with this task. While most drivers take great care to always remain safe, others partake in dangerous behaviors while they drive. 

The issue with these three dangerous driving behaviors is that they’re mostly preventable, but drivers who opt to do these can cause serious crashes that have catastrophic consequences for innocent people. 

Drunk driving

Drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs don’t have the ability to react to what’s happening around their vehicle. While a blood alcohol concentration of .08% is considered legally intoxicated, the effects of alcohol become evident even at lower levels.

Distracted driving

Distractions can lead to drivers missing vital clues and information while the vehicle is moving. A distraction of even five seconds can be dangerous. In that short time, a vehicle moves the length of a football field if it’s moving at 55 miles per hour. Coincidentally, five seconds is the same amount of time it takes to read an average text. 

Drowsy driving

Fatigue can have similar effects on driving abilities as impairment. There’s also the risk of microsleeps, which can be just as dangerous as distracted driving because a vehicle isn’t being controlled by the driver if the driver dozes off. 

Victims of crashes caused by any of these factors may opt to pursue a compensation claim to help cover the costs of medical care and other financial damages. These cases must be filed within a specific time frame, so it may benefit victims to work with someone who can assist with this.