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Strategies to help avoid DUIs on weekends as a college student

If you’re a college student, you can agree that weekends tend to be synonymous with socializing — unless it’s exam period and everyone is going through their notes one last time. Whether you’re a social butterfly or a homebody, you most likely enjoy catching up with friends at the end of a long and tedious week.

Sometimes, hangouts include partaking in alcoholic drinks, which can impair your judgment. However, a celebratory beer or cocktail doesn’t have to turn into a DUI nightmare if you’re careful. There are plenty of smart strategies you and your friends can employ to have a safe and fun weekend, free from DUIs.

Designate a driver

Whether you’re day drinking or planning a night out with friends, it is prudent to designate a driver who can help ensure everyone arrives home safely at the end of the hangout. Suppose you have a friend who never drinks; they can be an ideal designated driver for your crew. You can also make designated driving a responsibility that is rotated throughout the friend group during the semester; this would be fair for everyone.

Leverage ridesharing services

A more convenient alternative would be to collectively pay for rideshare services each time you hang out as a group. Hailing a cab at the end of a hangout can help ensure you and your friends don’t have to get behind the wheel in a drunken state. In fact, everyone should ditch their car keys when showing up for the hangout to avoid the temptation of driving one’s self home. 

Consider public transportation

Your friend group might also benefit from using public transportation, especially if you live around the same area. This can be a fantastic and budget-friendly way to end a fun night. Familiarize yourself with schedules and routes beforehand to avoid last-minute confusion.

If you or one of your friends gets into DUI trouble, you can benefit from personalized legal guidance. A trusted legal team can help ensure a one-time mishap doesn’t reflect negatively on you or your friend’s future.