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5 popular myths about drinking and driving 

You may be out drinking with friends when you realized how late it was and needed to get home. You know you shouldn’t drive since you’ve been drinking, but your friend said there shouldn’t be any issues if you follow their advice.

However, your friend may be giving you misleading information. To be sure you’re staying safe, you should learn about common drunk driving myths:

Myth 1: Drink coffee before you drive

Truth: One of the most common myths you’ll hear is that coffee will cancel out alcohol. However, coffee may only make you drive worse and more erratically while not doing anything about the alcohol. 

Myth 2: Field sobriety tests are always accurate

Truth: Police may test your sobriety by asking you to do a field sobriety test. It is often believed that field sobriety tests can accurately assess a person’s sobriety levels. These tests are subjective, meaning they won’t be entirely accurate, but that doesn’t mean you have to consent to them.

Myth 3: Use a penny during a breath test

Truth: Police may use a chemical breath test to determine if you’ve been drinking. Some people believe that they can trick the machine by placing a penny in their mouth. Whatever this is supposed to do, it doesn’t work, and you may only make you taste copper on your tongue.

Myth 4: Use mouthwash to hide the smell of alcohol

Truth: Another way people try to trick chemical breath tests is by using mouthwash or breath mints to hide the smell of alcohol. However, these products may contain alcohol and actually make your breath test reading even higher. 

Myth 5: You won’t face a DUI charge with BAC below 0.08%

Truth: Breath tests work by evaluating the blood alcohol content (BAC) in your blood. If your BAC is above 0.08%, then you will definitely face a DUI. But, a BAC below the legal limit could still lead to a DUI charge if the officer determines that you’re too impaired to drive by other means, such as witnessing you weaving in traffic.

It may be important to learn about your legal options if you are facing a DUI charge. A DUI charge could severely impact your permanent record and could lead to fines and incrimination.