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3 things to know about legal malpractice

People who hire an attorney expect they will get the representation they pay for. While most lawyers behave in an ethical manner, there are times when negligence occurs.

Clients suffering harm from a lawyer’s negligence may choose to take legal action. Remembering these three points may help them during this process.

Specific harm must be present

There must be specific damages and negligence present if you’re going to seek compensation. A legal malpractice lawsuit isn’t suitable just because you didn’t get the outcome you wanted in your case. Fiduciary issues, breach of contract, and violation of the American Bar Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct are all possible reasons for a malpractice lawsuit.

Other options may also be possible

Besides a legal malpractice lawsuit, there are other methods you can use to address the malpractice. For example, you may file a complaint with the appropriate licensing board. The key is that you want the lawyer to know they won’t get away with what they were doing.

Challenges may occur

One of the more difficult things about launching a legal malpractice is that you have to turn to an attorney to take action against their peers. While some attorneys won’t do this, others believe that ethics in the legal profession are crucial and will stand up to their peers when a client suffers harm because of negligence.

Ultimately, you have to protect yourself. If you feel your lawyer violated your contract with them and were negligent in your case, you should determine your options. Working with someone familiar with these matters may help you set a plan to address the legal malpractice.