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3 invalid excuses for causing a vehicle collision

If you are injured by someone in a crash, they may try to persuade you to be lenient with them. Perhaps they beg that you do not call the police and that they will somehow compensate you without going to the insurance company.

First, it’s essential to understand you must call the police. Leaving the scene of an accident where you or someone else is injured, or there is anything other than very minor vehicle damage, could lead to legal problems for both of you. Secondly, it is in your interest that the police come. You will need their report to claim compensation. 

While there is little point in getting upset with the other driver, it’s crucial they take responsibility for their actions. The following excuses do not excuse them from their responsibility if they injured you:

The baby was crying

If you have been a parent yourself, you will understand how hard it can be to ignore your baby if it cries. Yet, when someone is driving, they have a bigger responsibility – to stay focused on the road. That will keep others safe, as well as their baby. If they need to attend to their baby, they must find a safe place to pull over first.

They were exhausted

The tired driver who fell asleep at the wheel and veered into your lane obviously did not mean to do so. They would probably prefer not to have had to work masses of overtime just to support their kids, either. Yet, they still decided to drive when they should have realized they had inadequate sleep to do so safely.

They didn’t see you

Pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists get this a lot. Maybe they were not particularly easy to see due to their size, but that does not excuse a driver who did not see them. Typically it means the driver was not looking carefully enough or was distracted.

If someone tries to excuse themselves in one of these ways, there is no harm in being understanding as they are also suffering. Yet you must still seek the full amount of compensation you are due for your injuries. Consider legal help to do this.