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Disfiguring wounds can be catastrophic in your life

Whenever you are involved in an accident and suffer serious injuries, you deserve to receive appropriate medical care to help you get back to normalcy. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to reverse the damage that has been done, even if you want to.

Among the most devastating injuries you could suffer is a disfiguring wound. Disfigurement can cause various problems other than just a change in your appearance. Disfiguring wounds can:

  • Leave significant scarring around the face.
  • Result in amputations of the ears or nose.
  • Result in a loss of motor function.
  • Cause changes in skin pigmentation.
  • Result in nerve damage that may or may not cause chronic pain.

These and other issues with disfiguring wounds can lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns on top of the physical challenges. Socially, someone with disfiguring wounds could face complications, being unable to work or struggling to be accepted by those around them.

In the short- and long-term, those who have disfiguring wounds may need to take medications, have repetitive surgeries, such as plastic surgeries, and require physical or occupational therapy. Depending on the damage caused by the initial accident, the visible wounds may not be the only issues. A person could also lose their ability to smell, swallow or see, all of which could be disabling and lead to the need for other medical interventions.

What can people with disfiguring wounds do to cope?

It’s always suggested to seek support from a therapist or psychologist after a significant change in a person’s appearance due to an accident. On top of the trauma of being in an accident, there may be ongoing trauma caused by the reactions others have to their differences.

Along with this, people with disfigurements may want to look into getting prosthetics or surgeries to correct injuries that are able to be repaired. Those that are not going to heal are something to learn to cope with, which may require a strong team of medical professionals along with a kind, supportive community.

Financially, it is costly to get the necessary care after this kind of injury. Fortunately, if another person caused your injuries in an auto accident, you can file a claim against them to seek fair compensation.