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Wrongful death law helps families that lose stay-at-home parents

Families depend on the contributions of each member to manage the household. When someone unexpectedly and tragically dies, the whole family may have to make adjustments to their schedules and lifestyles.

Losing a wage-earner in the family can be devastating, as the family may lose its primary source of income. However, it can be just as financially difficult to lose a stay-at-home parent who manages the household.

Under Maryland wrongful death laws, the immediate family members affected by a recent tragic loss can potentially file a civil lawsuit against the person or business who caused the death.

Maryland state law allows people to seek economic damages

Although you can seek compensation for the economic damages a death causes, you may not understand how that helps those who lose a stay-at-home parent from their family. After all, since they don’t work outside the home, you can’t claim their lost wages.

Still, a stay-at-home parent provides valuable services. The work that is stay-at-home parent does would cost approximately more than $170,000 a year if you were to hire professionals to perform the same duties. You can claim the value of those household services in your wrongful death lawsuit. Since the focus is on the impact on the family, you may also be able to claim the financial losses that result from the family’s grief, loss of companionship and loss of consortium.

Seeking justice is valuable for grieving families

Some people may think it is crass to put a financial value on a tragedy that just affected their family. They may worry that others will judge them for filing a lawsuit as a response to their loss.

However, losing a loved one will have a verifiable and lasting financial impact on your entire family. There is nothing inappropriate about holding a person or company responsible when their negligence or illegal activity causes direct harm to other people. You can impose a penalty on them that may change their behavior to protect others in the future. You can also receive compensation that can at least help diminish the negative impact of their actions or negligence on your family.

Learning about the rules that apply to Maryland wrongful death claims can help those exploring their rights after a recent loss.