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A head injury at work requires immediate attention

No matter what kind of work you do in Maryland, there is always a possibility that you may strike your head while on the job. This can happen to factory workers, accountants, school teachers, and anyone else.

A blow to the head may not seem like it left an injury, but it is difficult to tell how much harm a person suffered until they receive a full medical examination from a doctor. Even a small impact can affect a victim’s brain, and may cause symptoms that last for weeks or even months.

To make matters worse, these symptoms may not show up for several days, so if a victim does not receive proper medical care immediately after the incident, they may forget about it altogether by the time the symptoms set in.

Those who suffer a blow to the head while on the job should report the incident immediately to their supervisor, to establish the details of their claim. They may wish to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, and documenting the incident as soon as possible plays an important part in the process.

Symptoms that may interfere with work

A blow to the head can leave a victim with many different symptoms, ranging from general nausea and difficulty interpreting speech and text to significant changes in a victim’s personality and ability to perform tasks.

These last two symptoms commonly cause problems in the workplace, so it is wise to make sure that the employer understands the seriousness of the injury. Otherwise, the employer may notice the victim’s behavior change significantly, and this may jeopardize the victim’s job.

Often, a victim may find that they can’t complete simple tasks that they could complete easily before they suffered the head injury. The victim may have difficulty processing these changes, and their coworkers and supervisors may notice the quality of their work decrease significantly.

On top of this change, the victim often experiences irrational frustration when they cannot complete tasks, or face some other obstacle. This change in behavior is often difficult to handle for both the victim and those around them.

Protecting your best interests

If you or someone you love suffered a blow to the head on the job, you don’t want your injury to threaten your employment. Make sure that you follow all the proper steps when reporting your injury and filing your workers’ compensation claim, to ensure that your rights remain secure. With attention to detail in the claims process and help where you need it, your injury may take time to heal, but it doesn’t have to cost your job.