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Why vehicle speed is so dangerous for pedestrians

Speeding is dangerous in any setting, increasing the odds of a car accident and the likelihood of serious injuries in that crash. However, it is especially dangerous for pedestrians.

The issue is that pedestrians, with no protection at all, can get seriously injured in even minor crashes. This means almost any impact is potentially deadly, even if it would have resulted in no injuries if it happened between two cars.

For instance, imagine that you walk out in front of a vehicle while crossing the street. You have a crosswalk, but that driver does not see the stop sign until they are just 45 feet from you. It is a 30- mph zone, and the driver is traveling at exactly 30 mph. Because the driver brakes right away, they can stop without striking you. It will be close, but you will not get hit.

Now increase that car’s speed to 35 mph. That feels very similar to a driver, and we have all gone 5 mph over the speed limit without thinking about it. However, if the driver again hits the brakes 45 feet from you, they no longer have the space to stop before striking you. Moreover, the car will still be going roughly 18 mph at the time of impact.

You could be killed at that speed, or you could suffer life-changing injuries, all because the driver decided to speed just slightly. As you can see, it’s a tremendous risk. If you do get hurt in a car crash, make sure you know what rights you have to financial compensation.