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Have a car accident? Go straight to a doctor

When you experience a car accident, it is often difficult to know what to do in the immediate aftermath and in the days afterward. Some car accident victims walk away after exchanging insurance information and wait for the insurers to clear everything up. They overlook the possibility that they have serious injuries that they cannot feel.

If you recently experienced a car accident and have not undergone a full medical examination, you must make this a top priority. While it is possible that you are lucky and only suffered property damage, if you do have injuries that are not yet causing pain, you may not realize you have them until they become a serious problem.

Seeking out immediate medical attention after any car accident is a wise way to identify hidden injuries and treat them before they develop potentially life-threatening complications.

Never ignore abdominal pain after an accident

There are several types of injuries that do not cause pain at first, such as minor brain injuries, whiplash and spinal cord damage. However, while these hold the potential to create lasting pain and disability, they are rarely fatal.

Delayed pain injuries in the abdomen are much more serious. Both internal bleeding in the abdomen and partial organ damage are dangerous conditions that may not cause pain for days.

When your body bleeds internally, the blood loss itself is dangerous, just as heavy bleeding is dangerous externally. At the same time, a very small amount of bleeding still leaves the site of the wound vulnerable to infection. If an infection sets in, it can move around the body quickly, spreading to other organs, including the brain.

Organ damage may not cause pain at first, if the organ can still function. However, once the organ fails, the victim experiences extreme pain, and may not be able to repair the organ or get it functioning again without immediate medical intervention.

Begin building your claim to protect your rights

Recovering from an accident may take a great deal of time, and may keep you from earning an income while the medical expenses continue to pile up. If some other party caused your accident, then it is wise to consider the legal options you have for seeking fair compensation. A strong legal strategy helps you know what to expect during your recovery and gives you the tools to focus on healing while keeping your rights and priorities secure.