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Information about holding a drunk driver liable after an accident

It’s not only unlawful to get behind the wheel of an automobile while drunk, but it’s also immoral. Every year, this irresponsible action causes deaths and catastrophic injuries in Maryland and the rest of the United States.

If there’s one thing that every driver could do to drastically reduce the number of car accidents, it would be to refrain from driving after consuming any quantity of alcohol. Those injured by drunk drivers have — at the very least — the right to pursue financial compensation from these irresponsible motorists.

Why are drunk drivers liable for damages after accidents?

Everyone has a legal duty to reasonably comport themselves in such a way that prevents hurting other people. In this context, the term “reasonable” is important. Those who do not act “reasonably” to prevent injury to others can be seen as negligent, and thus liable for damages to the injured parties.

The term “reasonable” here refers to the way an average person in a similar capacity would have acted. A person who chooses to drink and drive is clearly not taking reasonable action to prevent the injury of others. He or she is doing exactly the opposite. For this reason, a drunk driver will usually be financially liable to pay for the costs associated with medical care and other damages suffered by the parties he or she harms.

Will a drunk driving conviction strengthen a personal injury claim?

When an injured plaintiff pursues a personal injury claim for financial compensation against a drunk driver, the plaintiff files the action in civil court. Meanwhile, the drunk driver will also be navigating court proceedings in criminal court regarding various DUI-related legal violations. If the criminal court process ends in a conviction, evidence from the criminal court proceedings — including the conviction — may be used to by the plaintiff in the civil case to substantiate his or her personal injury claims. In this respect, a drunk driving conviction will most certainly support a plaintiff’s claims for damages in civil court.

Navigating a personal injury lawsuit isn’t always easy. Plaintiffs could face various challenges when trying to secure just compensation following a DUI-related accident with injuries. However, with an in-depth understanding of Maryland personal injury law and the facts and circumstances of a particular drunk driving crash, plaintiffs can aggressively advocate for fair remuneration in court.