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Guns and product liability: Were you hurt by a defective firearm?

What kind of product could be more dangerous than a firearm? A gun is a manufactured object specifically designed to injure and kill people. In most cases, gun makers design and manufacture weapons so they function as they’re supposed to, but sometimes a gun has serious problems that results in a tragic or fatal accident.

When a gun maker builds a defective weapon, and it hurts someone, it could give rise to a product liability lawsuit.

Example of a gun liability case

In a recent product liability lawsuit against a gun manufacturer based out of Greeley, Pennsylvania, a man claimed that his .45-caliber handgun came out of his holster, struck the ground and fired into this leg. The man claimed that the gun maker, Kahr Arms Inc. sold him a defective weapon that shouldn’t have gone off when it hit the ground like that.

The accident happened in October 2015. As the man was getting out of his car while parked in the driveway of his home, the gun fell out of its holster. When the gun fired, the bullet entered the man’s leg, shattered his tibia and exited out the other side. With luck, the man survived and no other injuries happened. The man was left with bone fragments, metallic plates or pins and serious scarring in his leg.

Was the gun maker negligent?

According to the plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer, Kahr Arms was negligent by creating a defective design. The Kahr CT 45 handgun should not have been able to fire when it hit the ground like that. The lawyer maintains the opinion that the firing pin block did not fully engage, and this caused the improper discharge when the weapon struck the ground.

The man is asking for a financial recovery in his lawsuit to cover the cost of his medical bills and future medical care, in addition to compensation for pain and suffering and lost wages.

Were you or a family member hurt by a defective gun?

A defective firearm can kill in the wrong circumstances. If you or your family member suffered a serious injury or fatality as a result of a defective firearm, it’s possible that you have a viable personal injury lawsuit on your hands. Make sure to investigate the matter fully from a legal perspective to understand your legal rights and options.