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Is your marriage doomed?

How do you know if your marriage is just having a rough patch or you’re really heading for divorce?

Probably the best person to ask is a divorce lawyer. According to some attorneys who’ve seen their fair share of divorcing couples, these are some of the signs of a failing marriage:

The useful communication is over

Communication is the key to a lot of things — but especially human relationships. When couples stop communicating, it takes on several different forms. When a couple has taken to resorting to silence because nothing they say — or yell — seems to make any difference, there’s no way to rebuild their connections.

It may be even worse, however, when a couple resorts to nonverbal communication. Sighing, eye-rolling and other signs of aggravation or contempt are not a good substitute for actual conversation.

There’s been a retreat from all conflict

Sometimes, one or both members of a couple will retreat from the hostility in the marriage altogether. They may spend all of their spare time at work — where they feel happier or at least more appreciated and in control — or they may start doing things behind each other’s back just to avoid a fight.

When a couple starts hiding their spending, where they spend their free time or other secrets, that’s a sure sign that they’ve started moving on in spirit. It probably won’t be much longer before one of them wants the freedom to move on altogether.

There isn’t much left in common

Sometimes, a couple grows apart so gradually that neither one notices it right away. There may not be any one thing that breaks them apart — they simply look up and realize one day that they have no interests in common any more.

At that point, some couples decide that they can accept the relationship because it’s comfortable, but most people want more. A relationship without common ground can be deeply unsatisfying for everyone.

If you’re in a marriage that isn’t what it used to be and you’re ready to start thinking about a change, a family law attorney can help you explore your options.

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