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Personal injuries change lives immediately

The last thing you expected to happen was to walk out your door and come back home later with a severe injury. For most who suffer injuries, it’s a shock and something they never expected.

Personal injuries don’t just affect how you feel about yourself. They impact how you interact with others and how you make a living. They may limit your ability to grow in your career or limit where you can go or whom you can see.

Why is a personal injury so devastating?

Personal injuries are devastating because they impact every part of your life. You may not be able to go back to work or have to miss a year or more due to a temporary or long-term disability. You might be unable to participate in the things you love or be unable to see those you know because of an inability to drive and travel.

Maybe most devastating is that individuals going through personal injuries can’t work, so they don’t bring in an income. If they have families, this can mean hard financial times until they’re able to receive compensation for their injuries.

Besides the loss of an income, the injury itself is extremely expensive. The cost of rehabilitation services, therapy and other services add up. If you don’t have a settlement or are waiting to head to court, those costs could make it hard to get by.

Individuals with personal injuries need to do everything they can to obtain fair compensation. Injuries happen in a moment but have the potential to last a lifetime. A good and fair settlement is the difference between struggling or living comfortably no matter what kinds of injuries you have.