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October 2017 Archives

Understanding Maryland's two types of divorce

In the state of Maryland, there are two different types of divorce: A limited divorce, and an absolute divorce. A limited divorce and an absolute divorce may sound similar, but they have many important distinctions. Deciding which one is applicable to your circumstances is an important step to take in your divorce proceedings.

What is the difference between wrongful death and medical malpractice?

There is perhaps nothing more jarring than a loved one being wrongfully injured or killed. In the wake of this difficult time, you may be faced with an overwhelming array of legal options. In some cases, both medical malpractice as well as wrongful death lawsuits can be applicable to your situation. The circumstances of the injury or death unique to each case will determine the course of action. With the help of your personal injury attorney, you can make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

What could happen to my driver's license if I get a DUI or DWI?

For many people, driving is a crucial mode of transportation, and losing the privilege would be felt in many ways. Whether it's driving to work, driving to school, or driving commercially, people need their driver's licenses to get through each day.

How much difference exists in how states deal with child custody?

There are many reasons why it is wise to work with experienced attorneys when trying to navigate family law issues. We've touched on child custody in many of our previous posts - noting that while the overriding guideline all courts use is the best interests of the child, the way that is interpreted can vary greatly.

Keeping consumers top of mind amid Baltimore building boom

Baltimore's downtown continues to see new development. Leaders of the nonprofit organization responsible for promoting the area say there are two things driving the current construction boom. One is that there's a strong supply of good-paying jobs. Another is that neighborhood revitalization efforts are proving effective.

There are many common causes of indoor slip-and-fall accidents

An indoor slip-and-fall accident can be every bit as serious as it sounds. When you fall to the ground without notice, there is always a chance that you could suffer a serious injury, but many people don't even have such a looming tragedy on their radar. Television shows tend to make such a fall seem humorous: Think of the classic banana peel gag.

Could you have an occupational disease and not know?

People fall ill for many reasons. Someone at work brings their cold with them and spreads it around to others, or maybe the stomach flu invades through a child in school or daycare. Sometimes you just start to have aches, pains or feel generally blah and you don't know why.

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