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The reality of domestic abuse against men

The phrase “What would Jesus do?” came into prominence back in the 1990s. Many adherents of the Christian faith wore buttons or wristbands with the letters WWJD. It was meant to inspire wearers to think and act motivated by Jesus’s love.

That WWJD meme inspires this entry on our Baltimore legal blog. Specifically, we are moved to ponder WWGS – What would George say? (George being the late George Carlin). One of the things Carlin was famous for was his attacks on fuzzy thinking, reflected in fuzzy or oxymoronic terms, such as “military intelligence” and “jumbo shrimp.” He wanted to know when toilet paper became bathroom tissue. Which leads to this blog in which we ask why is it that we call husbands with domineering and violent wives henpecked rather than victims of domestic abuse?

Let’s be clear, domestic abuse is not a laughing matter. Anyone who suffers cruelty at the hands of a supposed loved one is a victim and deserves all the protection the law can provide. One form that can take is an Ex Parte order, or temporary restraining order, issued by a judge. The process of obtaining or challenging a TRO can be complicated and stressful. Working with a skilled attorney can make things easier.

As we suggest, men can be abuse victims as much as women can. That’s because of the many forms abuse can take. These can include:

  • Incessant use of insults or berating language
  • Blocking him from contacting his family or friends
  • Lording embarrassing information over him with threats to go public
  • Behaviors driven by obsessive jealousy
  • Physical attacks

Even restricting access to money can be considered abusive in some circumstances.

Ending abuse requires the victim to speak out and possibly take action. Many men might hesitate, fearing being labeled as weak. Speaking with an attorney may be a safe first step, especially when the first consultation is free.