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Do you have a civil claim against a nursing home?

Nursing home abuse and negligence is far too common here in Maryland and across the country. Just recently, we saw the tragic story of nursing home residents left in their facility with no power or air conditioning instead of being evacuated as Hurricane Irma bore down on Florida.

In the above case, at least eight people are believed to have died from the heat, and others are now hospitalized. The governor has said he’ll “aggressively demand answers” regarding why such an egregious breach of care happened.

Civil — and in some cases — criminal actions can be taken against nursing homes and their employees when residents suffer injuries or deaths as the result of negligence by staff, administrators and/or nursing home owners. Most civil claims against nursing homes involve negligence in:

  • Care and supervision of residents
  • Hiring and retention of staff
  • Maintenance of the premises and equipment

Some civil claims against nursing homes are more complex than others. An obvious lack of care or poorly maintained facilities can be fairly straightforward. However, it can be more difficult to prove that a resident’s illness or death was caused by poor care and not their already-compromised health.

Plaintiffs and their attorneys can call in medical experts to corroborate their claims. The facilities, however, will likely do the same. Many civil lawsuits of all types come down to whose experts a judge or jury finds more convincing.

If you believe that a loved one’s injury, illness or death was the result, even in part, of the actions or negligence of the nursing home you trusted to care for him or her, it’s wise to consult an experienced Maryland attorney. By taking action, you can not only seek justice for your loved one but possibly save other families and their elderly loved ones from suffering as you have.

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