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Vigilance is required when a loved one is in a nursing home

Having a loved one in a nursing home means that they need help with daily activities. While you would assume that a nursing home would provide that help without any problems associated with it, people who work in these facilities sometimes opt to take advantage of the senior citizens.

Many senior citizens in nursing homes are subjected to abuse or neglect at the hands of the employees who should be caring for them. These atrocities can occur in a host of ways, so you must vigilantly watch for signs that something is wrong.

Types of abuse and neglect

Physical abuse is possible. However, this often isn’t a factor in these cases. Sexual, emotional and mental abuse are also possible. Financial abuse can occur. When neglect is present, keeping medical care, food and water from the person is common.

Signs of these issues

Here are four warning signs of neglect:

  • Bruises and other physical injuries are usually the easiest signs of abuse for people to notice.
  • The signs of emotional and mental abuse might be mistaken for symptoms of dementia because the person might seem withdrawn or agitated.
  • Trauma to the genital area is associated with sexual abuse.
  • Unauthorized transactions or possessions with value suddenly missing can signal financial abuse.

Impacts of nursing home neglect and abuse

Senior citizens who are subjected to neglect and abuse will usually suffer greatly. They might not want to speak up about the issues because they don’t want to be considered trouble makers. Nursing home residents who endure these types of horrible situations might end up having to be hospitalized for the effects of the treatment. This could be due to physical injuries, malnutrition, dehydration and other similar issues.

A far-reaching problem

One report by ABC News notes that elderly residents are abused in one out of three nursing facilities. While some of this abuse is relatively minor when you think about how grotesque some cases are, there is still no reason for a person to have to deal with the effects of abuse and neglect in these cases. These elderly individuals deserve a chance to live out their days in peace and with appropriate assistance.

Nursing home residents have specific rights. When these rights are violated, which is the case in these instances, the resident can take action. Filing appropriate complaints might help to stop the issue and prevent future episodes. Seniors who suffer damages due to the abuse might choose to seek compensation to help offset the financial impact of the situation.