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With winter weather comes ice and snow car accidents

As the winter solstice approaches, cold weather and frozen precipitation become the new normal. Driving conditions worsen, and the possibility of a car accident increases. From skidding out on black ice to multiple car pile-ups on freeways, there are ample risks involved with driving in inclement weather.

Maryland residents have to face these conditions annually, and no one seems to remember how to safely drive in snow for the first month it’s on the ground. Simply staying home from work and school when the roads are slick isn’t an option.

What to do if you’re involved in a winter car crash

If you’ve been in a snow or ice related car crash, one of the most important things you can do, once you determine that everyone is safe, is to make a record. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to exit your vehicle for safety or stay inside it. Follow directions provided by emergency responders. Documenting what happened right before, during, and immediately after your accident can help determine fault and liability down the line.

If your vehicle was struck by someone who was out of control or failing to slow down to accommodate the weather, documenting the accident scene can help prove what happened before and during the accident. Use your cellphone to take video and photos, or make written notes if your phone can’t record.

Keep all your accident-related bills together

From emergency trauma care following the accident to the cost for towing your vehicle, and even physical or occupational therapy, all of these expenses are directly caused by the accident. Keep the originals together, and make copies you can provide to those investigating the accident (including law enforcement, attorneys, or insurance company employees).

By keeping copies of the bills related to your accident in one place, you can quickly and easily provide these critical documents to the courts or an insurance carrier as needed. With everything in one folder, it is simple to see how much the accident has actually cost your family.

Call an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible

Medical bills and expenses related to missing work and the damage to your vehicle will begin piling up immediately. The longer you wait to consult with an attorney, the worse your financial position may be. An attorney understands how to help, from seeking legal recourse against a negligent driver to advocating on your behalf to slow paying insurance companies.

Initial consultations are free. By the end of that first meeting, you should have an idea of what forms of recourse are available to your family following a winter storm related car accident. You have nothing to lose by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney and possibly much to gain.