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Three tips to find the right nursing home

A family dinner could turn into a rush to the emergency room when a loved one suffers a stroke. A grandparent may fall ill with heart failure. Parkinson’s or dementia may take their toll. Circumstances can change, leaving a family struggling to find the right nursing care facility for their loved ones.

In these situations, it is wise to take a moment to evaluate the options and make the right choice for your loved one.

How can I find the right nursing home?

A recent article in Fox Business discussed this process, noting nursing home facilities are a lot like daycares. It is important to keep in mind that we are finding care for our elderly loved ones who are just as vulnerable as our children. As such, we should research the facility to make sure it fits our needs.

Some tips to help better ensure you get the information to make the right decision for you include:

  • Google it. We live in a time when we can Google almost anything. Take a moment to type in the name of the facility you are considering in a search engine’s news page. Look over articles about the facility, carefully watching for any negative press.
  • Check the State Department of Health. Do a search on the facility through the State Department of Health’s website to see if there were any violations that led to sanctions or fines.
  • Check the references. When looking into a facility ask for references. Contact the references and try to speak with anyone that is either a resident of the facility or a family member of a resident. Ask about the quality of care, whether they are comfortable in the facility and whether or not they recommend it.

Even after choosing a facility, it is important to take the time to visit your loved one. Staff can change, and a single poor hiring decision could change the dynamics within the facility.

How can I know if my loved one is the victim of abuse?

Seniors may not always be open with the fact that they are victims of abuse. They may feel vulnerable or embarrassed. We can help by watching for common signs. A sudden change in behavior, unexplained bruises or other injuries as well as a lack of personal hygiene can all be indicators of an abusive situation.

If you or a loved one is the victim of abuse, remedies are available. Contact an experienced nursing home injury or negligence lawyer to better ensure negligent parties are held accountable. Your attorney can also help you receive monetary awards to help cover any of the costs associated with the abuse.