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What qualifies as negligence in car accidents?

In Maryland and elsewhere, automobile collisions may happen for any number of reasons. When they do, it is not uncommon for victims to question whether negligence played a part or if compensation may be sought for any associated losses. What qualifies as negligence in car accidents?

Across the country, millions of car accidents are reported every year. While some of these are minor in nature and do not result in injury or significant loss, there numerous others that result in injury or even death. Determining fault in an accident is not always easy. While there are those cases that are pretty cut and dry, there are also others that can take a while to figure out.

There are several things that a court will look for when trying to determine if a driver was negligent in his or her actions and caused the crash. These include disobeying traffic signals or signs, failing to signal, failing to abide by posted speed limits, reckless driving and driving while impaired — among countless others. In short, if a driver fails to exercise reasonable care when behind the wheel, he or she may be held accountable for any resulting damages.

If victims believe that negligence played a role in their car accidents, they may be entitled to seek compensation. In accordance with the laws of Maryland, victims of car accidents or — in events of fatality — surviving family members may pursue civil actions against the drivers thought responsible. One’s legal counsel can investigate one’s claims by reviewing all police and witness reports and present any findings of negligence in court. If litigated successfully, and negligence established, monetary judgments may be awarded.

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