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Medical negligence: Surgery mistakenly performed on wrong child

A couple in another state claims that their infant was given a surgical procedure that he did not require. They are claiming medical negligence against the doctor, who has since admitted the mistake and apologized. With all the checks that are supposed to be performed in a medical environment, it is sad to hear of something like this happening. Unfortunately, it is not too uncommon and parents in Maryland may find themselves dealing with similar situations.

It was recently reported that a couple took their child to the hospital for what was supposed to be a routine physical two weeks after he was born. According to the infant’s mother, the child was taken from her and brought back a few hours later. It was only then that the nurse explained the surgical procedure that had been performed. A surgeon was apparently scheduled to perform a tongue flap cut on an infant, and this child was supposedly taken into the operating room by mistake.

The child’s parents have hired an attorney. They are clearly concerned about how this unnecessary procedure will affect their child in the future. At this time, representatives for the medical facility at which this occurred have declined to comment on the case.

Medical procedures being performed on the wrong patients should never happen. Health care providers are supposed to take appropriate precautions to avoid such mistakes. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. In such incidents, the victims — or as in this case, the victim’s parents — may file claims of medical negligence against providers and facilities of treatment. Through legal means, compensation may be achieved, either through litigation in a Maryland civil court or through out of court negotiations.

Source:, “Doctor Performs Surgery on Wrong Newborn Baby”, Feb. 12, 2016