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Maryland car accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in collision

Operating a motor vehicle of any kind comes with a certain amount of risk. Drivers in Maryland and elsewhere need to be aware — not only of what they are doing while behind the wheel, but of others with whom they share the road. Unfortunately, mistakes are made, car accidents happen and deaths and/or injuries often result.

Recently, one young man lost his life and a child was injured when the vehicle in which they were riding collided with an SUV. According to a local report, a 29-year-old male was driving an ATV with a 12-year-old passenger in Capital Heights when the vehicle struck an SUV that was attempting a left-hand turn. Both of the ATV riders were transported to a nearby hospital. The driver died shortly after arriving. The child was admitted with serious injuries; her current condition is unknown.

At this time, authorities are not entirely sure what caused this accident. They are asking anyone with information to please come forward. It is unknown if the driver of the SUV will face any charges for this incident.

Car accidents that involve smaller vehicles occur rather frequently, as motor vehicles such as ATVs and motorcycles are simply more difficult for other drivers to see; however, failure to see other vehicles does not excuse drivers from responsibility when accidents do happen. While it is still unclear what happened in this particular case, if the SUV driver is found to have been negligent in causing or contributing to the crash, the victims’ family members may pursue legal actions. Wrongful death, survival actions and personal injury claims may be filed in an effort to seek compensation for the losses resulting from this crash. Monetary relief may be awarded if such claims are litigated successfully in a Maryland civil court.

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