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Maryland car accidents: 4 injured and 2 killed in crash

A recent car crash in Maryland is believed responsible for the deaths of two women. It has also been reported that four other individuals suffered injuries in the collision. It is not uncommon for the victims and/or the surviving family members of those killed in such car accidents to question the events leading up to the wrecks. A full investigation into the cause of this particular crash is currently underway, which will serve to provide much needed answers to the victims and their loved ones.

According to police, a small sedan was struck from behind while stopped at a traffic signal on the evening of Aug. 7. The two occupants situated in the back seats of the car — both women in their 20s — were killed in the collision. The driver and a third passenger were transported to a hospital in critical condition.

The individual believed responsible for this incident is a 33-year-old male. This person and a passenger in his vehicle were also injured in the wreck. However, their injuries were only considered minor. Local law enforcement officials do not believe that impairing substances contributed to this crash, though driver distraction has not yet been ruled out.

Distracted driving is a major concern across the country, and the occurrence rates of this behavior is said to be increasing in Maryland and other states. If negligence, such as this, contributes to car accidents, the victims or — in the events of fatality — their surviving family members may pursue legal actions against those believed responsible for the incidents. Wrongful death, personal injury and all other appropriate claims may be filed in civil court in an effort to seek relief for any damages sustained. If litigation is successful, a monetary judgment may be awarded for those losses that are deemed recoverable in accordance with applicable laws.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Police Identify 2 Women Killed In Dundalk Crash“, Tracey Leong, Aug. 7, 2015