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Maryland car accidents: Some cyclists never fully heal

When an accident occurs between an automobile and a bicycle, the cyclist will lose every single time. There is simply no protection great enough that can shield a cyclist from the force of impact which is imposed by an automobile. Unfortunately, there are far too many Maryland residents who have been on the losing side of auto-pedestrian car accidents, and the injuries they have suffered have left long-lasting physical and emotional scars.

In an effort to increase public awareness, a few cyclists who were injured in auto accidents have come forward to share their stories of lingering pain. One, a man who was hit while out for a ride, suffered serious injuries. These injuries have left him with daily pain, leaving him disabled, unable to work and missing out on activities he once enjoyed. Even though it has been three years since his accident, the pain he feels has yet to improve. Another cyclist, a woman, suffered injuries to a knee and shoulder in a similar collision, and even though the physical injuries to these areas have improved, she still suffers from horrible headaches.

It is believed that approximately 750 cyclists are struck by cars every year in Maryland. That is 750 people, give or take a few, that are likely suffering similar injuries — some of whom may have, ultimately, lost their lives as a result. At the end of the day, there is only one thing that can prevent these accidents from occurring and this is simply paying attention. Both drivers and cyclists need to be free from distractions and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

When car accidents involving bicycles happen, it is not uncommon for drivers to suggest the fault lies with the victims. It will require an in-depth investigation to uncover all the details of such a situation. If it is found that a driver was distracted or otherwise negligent leading to an accident, the victim — or his or her family members if a fatality occurs — may pursue legal action against that individual in an effort to seek compensation for any resulting damages.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Mental, physical ailments linger for cyclists injured in crashes,” David Anderson, July 17, 2015