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What is a condo association's role in premises liability?

Condo living is fairly popular in places all around the country, including Maryland. For those who want to own, but do not want the hassle of a yard or other outdoor maintenance, living in a condo community can be the right fit. As these units are individually owned, who would be held responsible if someone was injured on the property? The plaintiff in a case in another state believes the premises liability falls on the condo association.

Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against a condo association after she was injured on property under its care. According to her complaint, while walking through an automatic gate, the gate closed on her foot, resulting in serious damage and infection. Condo residents typically pay association fees for the upkeep of grounds and any included amenities. The plaintiff in this case claims those elected to the association’s board failed to adequately maintain the property, causing dangerous conditions that led to her injury.

The victim would like compensation for her pain and suffering, medical expenses and mental anguish — among other losses suffered. She is reportedly seeking up to $50,000 in damages for the incident. The final results of this case have yet to be determined.

While this case may be taking place in another state, numerous Maryland residents may have experienced similar situations. Those who have been hurt on other people’s properties, or on property that is under the care of an association, may be well within their rights to seek compensation for any resulting damages. Premises liability claims, if successfully managed, can result in compensation for both economic and non-economic losses suffered.

Source:, “Condo association sued after woman claims foot was mangled when automatic gate closed on it“, Kyle Barnett, May 4, 2015