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Maryland wrongful death: Pregnancy-related maternal death

Pregnancy brings out a variety of emotions for expectant mothers and fathers. The impending arrival of a new family member can be exciting, bringing hope for the future, but the worries about a baby’s health and a myriad of other potential complications can also be overwhelming. Pregnancy-related maternal death, while not as common now as it used to be, is, sadly, still an issue. It is likely that Maryland residents who have experienced such a tragedy will not only want to understand what led to the loss of their loved one, but may also wonder if a wrongful death claim is appropriate for their situation.

Throughout a pregnancy, mothers generally depend on the advice and care given by medical professionals. A number of issues may arise that go beyond a typical pregnancy, and if they do, the course of action taken by a medical provider can make all the difference in regard to the health and well-being of both mother and child. However, if a misdiagnosis is given, if the wrong medical procedure is performed, if a defective medical device is used or a lack of care is experienced — among countless other issues — the results can be devastating.

While pregnancy is not generally considered an illness, there are those who do experience medical emergencies either before or after the birth of their children. If any missteps are taken by doctors or other medical staff, the chance of maternal death increases. Those who have lost a loved one due to pregnancy-related complications are well within their rights to question the care provided.

Pregnancy-related maternal death not only affects spouses or partners; sadly, in the end, many children in Maryland and elsewhere are left motherless. This can cause severe emotional distress for surviving family members, as well as significant financial losses. Those who suspect negligence contributed to maternal death may consider several types of legal claims in an effort to seek compensation for their losses — such as wrongful death and survival action claims. Whether settled out-of-court or litigated by means of a jury trial, successfully managed cases may result in monetary relief being granted for any current and future losses.

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