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Impaired driving often leads to fatal car accidents in Maryland

It is common knowledge that driving while impaired can have significant consequences. Drivers who are intoxicated run the risk of hurting themselves and the others with whom they share the road. It is truly unfortunate that many families in Maryland have been negatively affected by car accidents caused by others who choose to get behind the wheel in an inebriated or otherwise intoxicated state.

A recent accident caused by an allegedly impaired driver resulted in the death of one woman. According to police, the driver of a truck crossed into oncoming traffic and struck a smaller sedan head on. The driver of the smaller car suffered unspecified injuries. A passenger in that same car, a 59-year-old woman, sustained significant injuries and was flown to a trauma center for treatment. Sadly, even with medical care, her injuries were too severe to survive.

The driver of the truck reportedly refused medical care after the collision. Police have indicated that they believe alcohol use was the underlying cause of this crash. The driver believed responsible will likely face multiple criminal charges for this incident.

It is sad but true that car accidents that are tied to impaired driving tend to have tragic outcomes. The surviving victim of this crash and the family members of the decedent will, undoubtedly, require assistance to help move past this tragic event. Filing legal claims against the driver deemed responsible in a Maryland civil court could — if successfully managed — provide monetary relief for the damages suffered and allow those negatively affected by this crash the ability to spend time recovering and grieving their loss.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Police: Alcohol A Factor In Crash That Kills Woman In Md.“, Feb. 27, 2015