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Legal remedies available for those affected by surgical errors

Surgery, whether it is considered major or minor, can be a frightening experience for anyone. Even those surgeries that are considered routine can be botched, leaving the patient or — in the event of fatality — their surviving family members with a lot of questions. Those in Maryland who have been negatively affected by surgical errors may pursue a number of legal remedies in order to achieve compensation for any damages suffered as a result.

Those who require surgery literally place their lives in the hands of the surgical team responsible for their care. While it is possible that unexpected complications may arise during any procedure, there are also problems that occur as a direct result of negligence by medical staff. If the desired outcome of surgery is not achieved, it is completely normal to question what occurred in the operating room, particularly if negligence is suspected.

Surgical errors can come in many forms. These might include operating on the wrong body part, using improper equipment, leaving surgical tools inside the patient’s body and causing infection by not maintaining a sterile field. Each of these errors, and the many other possible problems that may occur during surgery, can leave a patient seriously injured and in need of further medical care or even result in the patient’s death.

Maryland residents who have been injured or lost a loved one due to surgical errors can seek compensation for the resulting damages. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can review the facts of the situation and help file any appropriate legal actions against those considered responsible. These claims can often be settled out if court or may require a jury trial. In either case, monetary relief may be granted for claims that are successfully navigated.