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Auto-pedestrian car accidents can occur in unlikely places

Most auto-pedestrian accidents that are reported on the news take place on busy streets or at intersections. While those are the most common places, these car accidents can also happen in places that would otherwise seem unlikely. Such is the case for a recent accident at a retail store in Maryland.

According to police, the driver of a minivan crashed his or her vehicle into Rugged Wearhouse in Gaithersburg. The van made it approximately 50 feet into the store before coming to a stop. One woman who was entering the store at the time of the collision suffered serious injuries, though she is expected to recover. Another individual who was already inside suffered minor injuries.

At this time, the official cause of the collision has not been reported. Local police are still in the process of investigating. It is unknown if any charges will be filed against the driver.

Auto-pedestrian car accidents can cause a significant amount of damage. The human body simply isn’t meant to stand the force of impact inflicted by an automobile. Luckily, everyone involved in this crash survived, but the injuries suffered by at least one of the victims has likely required extensive medical treatment. It is possible that this person may also stand in need of rehabilitative services or devices, time away from work for recovery and financial and emotional support to get through this ordeal. Those injured retain the right to pursue legal action in Maryland civil court against the driver in an effort to recoup any current and future financial losses they may suffer as a result of this incident.

Source: NBC Washington, “Minivan Driven 50 Feet Into Rugged Wearhouse Store“, Michelle Chavez, Nov. 13, 2014