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Hit-and-run leaves 2 bicyclists injured

With the promise of spring and warmer weather just around the corner in Baltimore, we are sure to see more bicyclists out and about in the city. It is important for motorists to be courteous toward cyclists and remember that they have just as much right to use the roads as an automobile does. In situations where there is no bike lane, it is the law for motorists to yield to cyclists riding in the car lane.

This law seems to have been ignored which led to a car accident in Davidsonville, Maryland recently. Two women were riding their bicycles west on the Patuxent River Bridge which has little to no shoulder when a vehicle hit one of them, but kept going. Although the car also swiped the second bicyclist, causing her to collide with the first bicyclist who was on the ground, the driver still did not stop.

The 62-year-old and 52-year-old cyclists were transported to the hospital. The 52-year-old received treatment and was later released, but the 62-year-old who suffered life-threatening injuries is still in Shock Trauma. She appears to be responding to treatment, however, because her condition has been upgraded to serious instead of life threatening.

Although authorities are still looking for the driver who caused this accident, these women may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney. Doing so may be able to help get the ball rolling and could be the first step toward receiving compensation for their pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “2 Bicyclists Hurt in Davidsonville Hit-And-Run Accident,” Derek Valcourt, Feb. 24, 2014