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Elderly couple sue city after falling on sidewalk

In Baltimore, sidewalks that are located on public property are the responsibility of the city to maintain. Residents have the right to walk on city sidewalks that are safe and free from defects that present a fall risk.

An elderly couple that was injured when they tripped on a piece of ill-repaired sidewalk filed a premises liability lawsuit against the city of Glendale, California. The married couple, ages 83 and 78, were walking with their arms linked on a section of sidewalk on North Louise Street. The man tripped on a raised portion of the sidewalk near a tree. He fell to the ground, pulling his wife down with him.

The woman sustained bruising on her knees and elbows and tore her left rotator cuff. The man suffered injuries to his back and displaced his finger. Their medical expenses related to the accident totaled up to around $15,000.

The couple submitted a claim to the city asking for damages, but was denied. They decided to retain a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the city. City officials tried to say that they were not aware of the problem with the sidewalk and were therefore not liable for the accident. The couple’s lawyer argued that the sidewalk had been raised long enough for authorities to notice it and do something about it.

Evidently the city did not want to take the case to trial, because the city council recently decided to settle with the couple. They will pay the two of them $30,000.

Source: Glendale News-press, “City settles slip-and-fall case for $30K,” Brittany Levine, Jan. 25, 2014