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Woman sues gas station for slip-and-fall accident

Business owners in Baltimore have a standard of care that they are expected to provide for their customers. These standards vary depending on the type of person who enters the property. Those who come on the property can be characterized as invitees, licensees or trespassers. A customer to the business is most likely considered to be an invitee, as the owner invites the customer onto his or her property in order to profit from the customer. In these instances, it is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure the reasonable care and safety of the customer who enters the property.

A woman is suing a business owner after a slip-and-fall accident left her with multiple injuries and chronic face and leg pain and headaches. The woman says the accident occurred at a Speedway gas station on June 27, 2012 as she was walking toward the gas pump and fell to the pavement after her foot became stuck in a tar-like substance on the ground.

A person who saw the accident said that he heard employees at the gas station talking about who was going to go clean up the parking lot. After the accident occurred, one of them told the injured woman that she had meant to clean up the tar-like material earlier and that she was sorry for her injuries.

The woman is suing Speedway for $12,561 to cover her medical bills along with punitive damages and compensation for any future medical bills that may result if her condition worsens.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Speedway removes slip-and-fall case, says more than $75K at stake,” John O’Brien, Jan. 2, 2014